Chiropractic Treatments

At West Lothian Chiropractic we utilise a specific structural corrective technique called Advanced Bio-structural Correction (ABC) it is a manual hands-on style of chiropractic, and people are amazed at the notable change in their body that often occurs from their first ABC adjustment!

Chiropractic Visits:

What to expect:

Your first visit, Initial Consultation, will last for up to an hour. On arrival you will be asked to complete a short new patient form, which the chiropractor will go through with you on this visit.

 A thorough examination will then be carried out to ensure that we can help with your complaint.   Ensuring you are a good candidate for our care, your treatment will commence on that day.

Posture photos are commonly taken so you can see the changes yourself from day 1.  Wear whatever you find comfortable, the initial examination is often done in jeans!

Your next visit will be a slightly shorter visit, 30 mins, the chiropractor will discuss their findings from your first visit and advise on the course of treatment necessary

They will be able to identify the underlying cause of the problem, whether it is due to stress in the form of physical, emotional or chemical.

Chiropractors discover the underlying issues – instead of just treating the surface symptoms

Whatever your aim is we can help to achieve your goal of being pain and symptom-free , whether that being a quick temporary correction of the problem, or looking for more long-term correction and preventative care, to reach that optimal health!

Initial Consultation £50.00

Regular Adjustment Cost: £30.00

We offer long term health packages which can help reduce the costs of care.

Concession and child costs also apply.

If you feel you are a long way from your best, why not see if you can get back to that better time and place!

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